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  • Siziphiwe Jali

    The product is so convenient, you have both mascara and eyeliner in one container! i love that it can fit in your bag incase you wanna retouch your look!

  • Zoë Jagesar

    The Mascaliner equips me with an all in one product thats easy to carry around and effective in its application. The Mascaliner fulfils my make up needs , the mascara doesn't clump and the eyeliner is malleable for correction. I can happily rely on this product!

  • Kiyara Sewraj

    I've always been a minimalist when it comes to makeup, but the Mascaliner has won me over! It's the perfect fusion of mascara and eyeliner, and has become my new go-to beauty essential. I love how it simplifies my routine while still making my eyes pop!

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