It’s all in the twist they say ;)

  1. Upon opening the mascara be sure to remove any excess
    formulation if the need arises.
  2.  This can be done by gently running the wand of the
    mascara along the rim of the mascara bottle. 
  3. I recommend that when applying the mascara begin at
    the outer corners of the eyes and work your way inwards.
  4. To obtain the maximum benefits of this mascara begin
    at the base of the lashes either on the outer corner of the eyes or inner
    corner of the eyes and work your way along the lashes in a zigzag motion.
  5. Despite the fact that our mascara serves to gently
    define, lengthen, and strengthen the lashes, our formulation also allows for seamless buildability. Therefore, the more building, the greater the volume.
  6. If you wish to build your mascara, then allow the
    existing layer that has just been applied to your lashes to dry and repeat the
    process once again.



  1. To obtain the maximum benefits of this product shake
    well before use, and upon opening the eyeliner remove any excess formulation
    from the applicator as this is a dip liner.
  2. Begin by drawing a 45 degree line from the outer
    corner of the eye upwards.
  3. Now draw a line from the top of the line that we had
    just drawn in the step 2 to approximate the middle of the eyelid.
  4. You are more than welcome to connect this line to the
    inner corner of the eyelid as opposed to the middle of the eyelid (it all
    depends on what you prefer).
  5. Now fill in the space between the lines that were
    drawn in steps 2 and 3.
  6. As I have mentioned before, this is a dip liner and
    therefore I recommend that you allow it to dry for a few seconds after applying
  7. Another feature of this eyeliner that I particularly
    enjoy is the fact that it has a matte finish, as opposed to a shiny finish.